Looking for New Jersey Postpartum resources? We are here to help..

The adjustment to life with a new baby is one of the hardest transitions you will ever make in your life.

There is no complete step-by-step guidebook you can follow once your new baby arrives.

The care of a newborn can sometimes overwhelm all aspects of daily life, especially your own postpartum care. One common problem woman face during postpartum is finding time to care for themselves. Unfortunately, in today's culture, there is no village behind you once your baby arrives. A lot of mothers find themselves alone with their new baby (and other children) once their partner has to return back to work, often within just a few days of birth. The task of caring for your new baby, while healing from birth yourself, can sometimes overwhelm a new mother to the point that she needs outside help.

We believe at With Love Placenta that the mother also needs to be mothered immediately postpartum. No mother should feel alone. Even after our services have been completed, we still encourage our clients to use us a resource for all of your postpartum and mothering needs. If you ever need someone to talk to, we are here, anonymously and without judgement. 

Included in this list are references to professionals who specialize in helping woman during their postpartum period. If you feel you are struggling with day to day life after your new baby, crying excessively, feeling withdrawn from your family or friends, having trouble sleeping, having trouble caring for your new baby, or having thoughts of hurting yourself or baby/children, we urge you to contact one of these professionals immediately. 

NJ Postpartum Doulas


Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Center at Monmouth Medical

300 second ave, Long Branch, New Jersey 07740

(732) 923-5573


NJ Postpartum Support Groups

  • Natural Beginnings “Accepting the Unexpected” - Manasquan - (973) 876-4283
  • A Circle of Moms - Toms River - (732) 557-8034
  • New Mom Discussion Group - Freehold - (901) 308-0570
  • New Parent Mornings - Hamilton - (609) 303-4140
  • The Riverview Medical Center Postpartum Support Group - Red Bank - (732) 706-5173
  • Postpartum Depression and Anxiety Support Group For Pregnant and New Mothers - Long Branch - (732) 923-5573
  • New Moms…New Babies:  A New Mother’s Support Group - New Brunswick - (732) 253-3871          
  • New Mom’s Network - Jackson - (732) 776-4281


NEW JERSEY POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION HELPLINE:  “Speak Up When You’re Down”  24 hours a day 7 days a week hotline:  1-800-328-3838  www.njspeakup.gov


Any of these resources can recommend a licensed therapist that specializes in postpartum therapy.