We believe every woman deserves to have a beautiful birth experience.


When asked about their thoughts on their upcoming birth, most pregnant woman reveal that they are often scared or nervous about giving birth. Wouldn't you rather feel confident as you approach your due date, both in yourself and your birth plan? 

How can a doula help you have the birth of your dreams? A doula's main goal is to nurture and support a woman through her pregnancy and child birth. We use completely non-biased support to make you feel confident in your choices and your ability to give birth. We provide comfort measures which are discussed prior to birth to help you cope with the pain associated with labor and birth. Not only do we support the birthing woman, but we provide emotional support to your partner, as well as help them feel involved in supporting you during birth. Our essential role is to provide you continuous support during labor, no matter what choices you make or how you choose to give birth. Your birth goals become our birth goals, and together we help you bring your baby into the world in the most beautiful way we can. The way that YOU choose.

We care about you, your baby, and your birth. 

Some benefits we provide mothers and their partners include:

  • Providing an environment that allows you to focus on the birth of your baby. Birth is an inherently private, intimate experience. We use lighting, candles, music and quiet crowd control to ensure that your birthing environment is exactly what you both need, and envisioned.

  • Confidence to be flexible when birth doesn't go exactly as planned. Birth is an extremely unpredictable event, and sometimes all our best laid plans have to be altered in the moment. We provide you with evidence based info PRIOR to your birth, so if and when you have to alter your birth plan, you feel completely confident in your decisions.

  • A more comfortable and easy birth. We are experts in comfort measures, as well as labor positions that have been proven to make laboring easier on birthing woman. Woman who have a doula during childbirth are 60% less likely to request an epidural, and 50% less likely to have a birth end in a cesarean.

  • A helpful, confident partner. A doula's role is not to replace your partner during birth, but instead to give them the ultimate set of tools to become an amazing labor support person for you. We are incredibly good at reading exactly what role your partner feels comfortable with playing during birth. Have a squeamish partner, or one who feels better fading a bit into the background? No problem, we have ways to help them feel completely included, but also within their comfort zone. Have a partner that is more hands on? We will take all the help we can get, and we LOVE to teach other people how to do hip squeezes!

  • Postpartum follow up to help you get off to the best possible start. Having a new baby is both a time of joy, and a time with a lot of questions! We schedule a postpartum visit within a week of your birth, as well as offering unlimited email and phone support for one month post birth. Woman who have a doula attend their birth are twice as likely to be breastfeeding at six weeks postpartum.


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About your central New Jersey birth doula...

Jamie Davison (birth doula, APPAC)


After the birth of her first daughter, who was born at home in Austin, TX, Jamie realized that her path in life was to serve woman during pregnancy and childbirth. Birth is such a beautiful, personal experience, and she realized as a birth doula she could help woman achieve a birth experience that made them feel empowered. She chose to receive birth doula training through Birth Arts International. She has since completed training with Gail Tulley of spinningbabies.com. She is also an Evidence Based Birth Professional, as well as a certified placenta encapsulator through the Association of Placenta Preperation Arts.

"Jamie is an incredible person. When she lived in Texas and I had my first, we used her services and couldn't have asked for a better person to walk me through all of it. Even when she moved to NJ and I had an extremely rough pregnancy with my twins, she offered me so much console through phone calls. That lasted from bed rest up until I was rushed back to the OR. You can tell birth and placenta (and everything related to mama and baby wellness after) is something she is very passionate about. I would recommend her to anyone!" - Rachel, Mom of Three

What's included in our birth doula packages...

Unlimited labor support including early labor support in your home if desired

Unlimited phone & email support up until you give birth and for one month after birth

Guaranteed labor support whether it be from us or from one of our back up doulas. We plan for all situations including unexpected illness, simultaneous labors, or needing another set of fresh hands during a long labor. 

Basic birth photography using our own camera during any moments you may not need us for support!

Basic doula package

All of the above, plus...

Two prenatal visits which can be used to discuss the topics of your choosing. Topics can include birth plan writing, comfort measures during labor, breastfeeding prep, newborn care, or any related topic you may feel you would love to discuss. 

One postpartum visit to openly discuss your birth, as well as to offer immediate postpartum support. Postpartum visits can be done at your place of birth or at your home. 


Fee: $1150

complete doula package

All of the above and all that is included in the basic doula package, plus...

The deluxe placenta encapsulation package which includes your placenta capsules, a placenta tincture which can last the duration of your life time, an amazingly nourishing placenta salve, a beautiful placenta print to remember your baby's tree of life, as well as an incredibly memorable cord keepsake. Your doula will package your placenta in the provided placenta transport kit and return it back to our placenta kitchen. Your finished placenta products will be delivered back to you within 48 hours, where we can also complete your postpartum visit!

FEE: $1400



Hospitals we serve: Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Ocean Medical Center, CentraState Hospital, Riverview Medical Center, Community Medical Center, Princeton at Plainsboro Hospital, Saint Peters University Hospital, Riverview Medical Center

We serve all home births in Ocean and Monmouth Counties!