Can I consume my placenta if I am Jewish? Absolutely! We work very closely with many families from local New Jersey communities to help spread the knowledge that placenta encapsulation is, indeed, allowed under Jewish law!

To make a long halakhik story short, strictly speaking there is no problem with encapsulating your placenta.The placenta is not really considered flesh, nor meat. After birth it does not belong to anyone, neither baby nor mother.  It is actually called a pirsha (a secretion). Since, the placenta is considered a pirsha it does not fall under the 'category of ever min ha chai (taking a limb from the live animal) and there is no problem with the blood.

When you encapsulate the placenta, you are not directly ingesting the placenta. Taking the placenta, dehydrating it, and turning it into capsules no longer deems it as food. Since it is being used for medicinal purposes, your Rabbi is more likely to deem it as kosher, such as how calcium supplements containing oyster shells are allowed to be consumed! 

The biggest hurdle you may encounter? Finding a Rabbi who doesn't give you the side eye when you inform him you'd like to consume your placenta. The only problem we have actually encountered is a Rabbi that doesn’t understand what placenta encapsulation entails, so all you may need to do explain it a little further!

So now that I know I CAN consume my placenta, why should I? What are the benefits? Is it safe?

Placenta encapsulation is the art of taking your placenta post birth, dehydrating it, and turning it into capsules for you to consume during your postpartum period. There are two main preparation methods that are used, the Traditional Method and the Raw method. We go over what both are and what we recommend here. Through our certifying organization, we have been thoroughly trained on how to safely prepare your placenta for consumption. However, we are pretty sure you came here more interested in WHY you should consume your placenta.

Consuming your placenta post birth has been reported to have many benefits, including:

  • An increased milk supply, with mothers also reporting that they produce "fattier" milk, which aids in making those chunky babies we all absolutely drool over 
  • Decreased risk of postpartum depression and other related postnatal mood disorders 
  • Woman report having more overall energy, even during those first few weeks of minimal sleep
  • Birth is tough on the body, but mothers who consumed their placenta post birth reported a much quicker healing time
  • Crying over your beautiful new little one is totally normal, but your placenta capsules can help with those moments where you find yourself literally crying for no reason, also known as those pesky  "baby blues"

Adjusting to a new baby, whether it is your first, or your seventh can be tough, and down right overwhelming at times. Your placenta was created by your body, for you and your baby, and contains no chemicals or additives. It can safely be turned into a hormonal supplement that was tailored just for you. Why not use it for a more blissful, balanced postpartum? We believe having your placenta turned into capsules can be one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself after baby.

But is it safe? We wouldn't offer our services to our clients if we didn't feel 100% confident in the product we create. Safety is our biggest concern, and we have listed what sets us apart from other encapsulators here. Not only are we trained on how to properly prepare your placenta, but we have also been trained on when NOT to encapsulate, which in most cases, is even more important! 

Still have a few more questions? Head on over to our FAQs to see if your question has already been answered. Don't see it there? Please don't hesitate to contact us!