Birth Information Questionaire

How much would each othe following procedures UPSET you? We will discuss each in-depth at our first meeting.

Estimated Due Date
Estimated Due Date
Stripping your membranes(without your permission)
Induced Labor
Pitocin Augmentation
Artificial rupture of membranes
Wearing a hospital gown
Routine IV during labor and birth
Not being allowed to eat/drink during labor
Narcotic pain relief
Urinary Catheter
Continuous external fetal monitoring
Internal fetal scalp monitoring
Internal contraction Monitoring
Breath holding(purple) pushing
Pushing in the supine position(on your back)
Perineal stretching(hands in vs hands off)
Vacuum extraction or forceps delivery
Surgical Birth (Cesarean)
Surgical Birth (Cesarean) WITHOUT your Doula
Early cord clamping (before cord stops pulsating)
Cord traction
Deep suctioning of baby's airways
Erythromicin in baby's eyes
Placenta being sent to pathology
Baby being bathed
Hepatitis B injection
All though it is impossible to know in advance what you may want from me, please select the things you would like me to do. You can always change your mind during labor.
Which of the follow, if any, have you found to be useful for relaxation in your day to day life?
What elements of the birth experience are most important to you?